How excited are you for the Fifty Shades Darker release in Feb 2017?

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36 Responses to How excited are you for the Fifty Shades Darker release in Feb 2017?

  1. Lillianna says:

    I am super excited… I read all three books in one month.

  2. Wendy Brown says:

    I’m super excited I loved the books…

  3. josee gagnon says:

    Fuck the paper work xxx

  4. Sandi Chen says:

    Omg! 2017 can’t come faster!

  5. Shaz says:

    Super super excited got the first dvd cannot watch till got all 3 please please hurry. It’s killng me along with millions of other women

  6. Tammy Anderson says:

    I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for the last part. It’s too many months in between each show.

  7. Heather Mathison says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie. I have read the books 7 times and am super stoked to see the movies.

  8. Sarrina woods says:

    I am very very excited for the new films to come out. I love everything fifty shades i wish i had all the merchandise for it. Love love love!

  9. Mrs tracey banham says:

    Am so excited for this film to be coming out in keep reading the book so I don’t forget it not that you could forget Mr sexy gray but it not all about sexy the story is so gripping love it

  10. michelle culler says:

    Super excited! I have Fifty Shades Grey recorded and watch it all the time!

  11. Kristina Bishop-Russell says:

    I am super excited about Darker coming out. I Love the books and have read then so many times. I also got a tattoo on my right foot ” Fifty Shades of Fucked Up” I am true fan. Layers Baby!!!

  12. Jennifer W. says:

    Super excited have read the books and watched the first movie!

  13. Donna pendley says:

    Own the movies own the books. Way excited.

  14. Lindsey Lambert says:

    Can it come any faster?? Really excited! Can’t wait!

  15. Crystal Cole says:

    Super crazy excited!!! I cannot wait!!! I watch the first movie at least once a month!!! Love love love!!

  16. Brigette Sensat says:

    I would be totally excited to get a FSOG T shirt. I am the biggest fan. But can yall tell Mrs. James she needs to write darker and freed from Christian now

  17. Lucy Taylor says:

    Needs to be released earlier. February is too far away!

  18. Mary Ann Tolbert says:

    How can you not be excited about such an amazing love story. Two people who are so different but slowly become one. A man with a horrible past who falls in love a love which slowly turns him into the man he really is. It really gets no better than that when love is real it has no boundaries or rule’s. Your truye self shines. I thunbk this deep love story is every girls dream. I know its mine

  19. Debra LaFever says:

    Cannot wait for the Fifty Shades Darker, and then Fifty Shades Freed. I have read all three and am super excited to see the next. Laters Baby

  20. Rachael says:

    I am so excited for the release of fifty shades darker. I so cannot wait. I just wish it would be coming out sooner. The waiting is killing me.

  21. Annette Tomplait says:

    OM Freaking G I am so excited to see Darker and Freed. I have read the books 9 times not to mention all the Fifty Shades Fan Fiction I read on a daily basis. At last count I had read over 600 Fifty Shades Fan Fiction stories and am still reading those that are updating regularly. I have never been so taken with a love story as I was with Fifty Shades. It pulled me in 4 years ago and never let me go. Fifty Shades is the absolute best love story (hands down) that I have ever read. Not to mention a great marriage booster. Every couple out there should read it. Can’t say enough about it. 😉

  22. Charlotte says:

    Loved the books and even more so loved the film. Can’t wait to see Jamie and dekoa in fifty Shades darker. So excited. Loved every minute of Jamies performance. The wait is driving me crazy. Roll on Feb 2017.

  23. Vannessa stark says:

    I’m super excited about the movie. The moment when the first ended in theaters opening day we decided at that moment when Fifty Shades of Darker comes out that we will hit the theaters opening day.

  24. Cristina Riquelme says:

    More than excited….. fifty shades exited.. jumping up and down .. waiting is hell but is gonna so worth the wait… I just love the first movie and need more!!!!!!!!

  25. Lori Smith says:

    So excited!!! Can’t wait to get back into my Red Room of Pain with Christian! Laters Baby!!

  26. Kimberly says:

    read all the books four times, have DVD of the first movie. Can’t wait for the next.

  27. Beverly Wolff says:

    I’m 52 & have watched Fifty over & over because of how Christian looks at Ana in some of the scenes & have read the books sooo many times !

  28. Tamara ford says:

    I need to see Mr Grey in his office like now!!!!

  29. Lilly liles says:

    I have read all 4 books listen to them over and over went and seen the first one and bought it on DVD

  30. Patty Plantenberg says:

    I read all 3 books in 2 day’s, and have read them all again about 4 times…I bought the first movie and have watched it 3 times now and will be watching it again before seeing the second one…can’t wait!!!!!!

  31. Sandra Bessels says:

    I have to watch 50 shades of grey first..I’m gonna watch them together so it will be more exciting…

  32. Gwen Carson says:

    So excited my palm is twitching

  33. Deloris says:

    I’m so super excited. I’m a mom three but made sure to find time for myself to read all three books within a month!!! Can’t wait to support the second movie in Feb.

  34. Kristy Fanton says:

    I can’t wait for Fifty Shades Darker. It was my favorite book so I can’t wait to see if it will be my favorite out of the movies as well.

  35. Carla says:

    I cannot wait for the new movie, I watched the first one at least 3 times so I know I’ll watch this one and own it too..Jaime and Dakota are great actors in this amazing series..I love the book and I am excited for the next 2 movies..

  36. Crystal says:

    Super freaking excited that my palm is twitching!!! Need my Christian fix badly!

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