Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Update: Jamie Dornan 1st Movie Poster

50-shades-of-Grey-new-Trailer-Christian-Grey-and-Anastasia-SteeleIt is time for the fans and the followers of the Fifty Shades trilogy to rejoice. After months of speculation, the producers have finally released the first official poster of the Movie Fifty Shades and the female fans might have guessed it, it does feature the man of the moment, Jamie Dornan who plays the role of the titular and the pivotal character of Christian Grey. In the poster, which was unveiled recently, Jamie aka Christian Grey can be seen standing with his back to the audience, wearing one of his signature sharp suits and looking out over the Seattle skyline. The imagery is representative of a king overlooking his kingdom, but that’s just saying the least, for Christian Grey is truly a ladies’ man.

jamie-dornan-first-50-shades-of-grey-teaser-posterThe caption on the first official poster reads, “Mr. Grey Will See You Now”. This is a direct reference to the first time Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey had met each other at the latter’s office, where she had gone to take the interview of the debonair entrepreneur Christian Grey. But their chance meeting was truly orchestrated by the Gods, for it was Kate Kavanagh, Ana’s friend and roommate who was supposed to take Grey’s interview for the college newspaper. Having rendered indisposed, Ana had to take her place and go for the interview. It was this first chance encounter between the two which snowballed into a sado-masochistic relationship between the two. Most fans would remember that it was this Jamie Dornan, who, when he stepped into the shoes of Charlie Hunnam, was the subject of constant speculation.

Fifty-Shades-Grey-Movie-updatesMost insiders thought that it would be a tough task for the Irish actor to woo the female following after he was chosen among the likes of  Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder. But it seems that the 31 year old is doing just fine in that department, and if he has anything to thank, it should be his sculpted good looks. There have been many such scenes which have been shot and found their way into our hearts thanks to the leaked snaps. In all those leaked snaps if there was something which was common, it was the rugged good looks of this father of one. Even the novel’s creator, E.L. James thinks that Jamie is the perfect choice as Mr. Christian Grey.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia SteeleThe first official poster of the film was Tweeted by the author and this time too we are completely floored by what we see. Not only alone, Jamie looks equally impressive when he is paired with the leading lady of the film, Dakota Johnson, who stars as Anastasia Steele. In all the scenes they have shot together, Jamie and Dakota complement each other completely. Whether it was the ‘contract scene’ or the ‘cafe scene’ or the recently shot ‘hardware scene’, it looks as if Jamie Dornan was born to rule female hearts.

Christian Grey with Anastasia Steele on the set Of Fifty Shade of Grey MovieOne most important bit of information that is unmistakable on the poster of the film is the date of release. After battling a lot of ifs and buts, the film will finally release on the 13th of February 2015.

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